Cozy places without electricity, but with the power of nature

Trekker’s tent

We have several places where you can settle with a trekking tent.
Are you going for a real nature experience in the middle of our food forest, being woken up by our
faithful runner ducks, surrounded by nature? Or would you rather pitch your tent next to the
trampoline so that you can keep an eye on the children from under a blanket with a coffee?
When you check in you will be told which places are available and which you can choose from


Cozy, pleasant, without electricity but in the middle of the greenery

Don’t have a table and chairs with you? That’s not a bad thing at all. You can use the picnic tables in
the courtyard. And when it gets cold outside, you can sit in our barn (The Barn Owl) or in the indoor
area (The Cuckoo).

Want to complete your adventure with a campfire? That is also possible! You can borrow a fire pit and get firewood for a small fee.

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