Enjoy not only the day
but also your meal
fresh from our food forest!

Harvest from the heart

Where can you still smell the apple blossoms and pick strawberries, nuts or flowers? When you stay
overnight at our campsite, you will harvest your evening meal fresh from the food forest and you can
search the herb garden for suitable herbs to garnish your meal.

By encouraging biodiversity, we not
only want to stimulate the growth of the vegetable garden, but also strive to contribute to a healthy
world in which we live in harmony with nature.
Fruit and nut trees have been planted on all camping pitches and in the middle hedges.

Almost all trees produce rich blossoms in April-May and bear fruit in June, July, August and September. There are also many walnut trees, which, among other things, keep mosquitoes at bay.

In our food forest we combine agriculture and nature for sustainable food production. The biodiversity, ecological resilience and biomass productivity of a food forest are high. Thanks to the difference in height, a large variety of plants can be planted on a relatively small surface.

Our food forest is accessible via a wide shell path. (If you have found beautiful shells on the beach,
you can always donate them to our path!)

If we take care of nature,
nature will take care of us!

Would you like to help? That is always very welcome!

There is always plenty to do in the Food Forest. Do you like to help? We occasionally organize
vegetable garden mornings and nature work days. You can read on the chalkboard in the washing-up
room when we get started in the vegetable garden, but you also feel free to put your green fingers to
work yourself.

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